Hello, good and faithful followers!

I know, I’ve been really slack, sitting on my bottom these last 30 plus hours, not thinking of you at all!

So, just a quick check-in to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, but my mind still hasn’t caught up with the rest of me, so it’s no doubt safer that I wait until that startling event occurs. On the other hand, that may never happen, so I’ll report again soon, I vow.

Here’s the weather you’re missing by not being in Venice right now.

Late afternoon

Yes, it’s cool, and very foggy. I tracked down Stefano Soffiato (venessia.com blog), to say hello. He has a souvenir stall in the Piazza.

I collected my rubber boots (stivali) from Karen and Mike. (http://www.theveniceexperience.blogspot.com/) They’re off for a well-earned break, and will be back early December.  On the way home, I stopped for a hot dog (!) at Mood, in Campo Santa Margherita. Along with other people, I do want these young people to make a go of it. I got on the vaporetto from the Ca’ Rezzonico stop, and saw that the temporary pedestrian bridge, for the  Festa della Salute on Monday, is  up and open for business. There are already stalls selling candles (and other things, I suspect), near the church. Oh, for those who stay in the Campo Santa Margherita area, the Punta supermercato is OPEN!

La Fenice theatre is very near my apartment, so I stopped in there, to see if there were any good tickets still left for the matinée New Year’s Eve concert. I asked the lady to select a seat that she’d be happy to be in, and came home clutching my ticket.

I took my shopping list and set out for the Co-op store in San Marco. On the way, I realised I was close to the Locanda Orseolo, so I stopped in to say hello to Igor, who was manning the fort, so to speak. He sends his regards to those folks from Wyoming who like staying there.

On the way home, I got a touch lost … well, this is Venice, after all. But, it was a lucky wrong turn. I found a tiny capitello on a wall in Calle San Gallo. I haven’t checked to see if Annie (http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/annienc/) has described it.


There you go … some of the highlights of my first day back in this precious city. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Buona notte … zzzzzz



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36 responses to “Hello, good and faithful followers!

  1. well that fog sure makes a lovely picture, I’m green with envy too! so happy for you ! How did u find this apartment?


    • Hi, Jeannette. It was lovely and sunny yesterday, I was taking off layers for awhile!

      I found the apartment via a request for a B&B room for one week, when I came here early to see Maxine’s quilt in Verona. They manage a number of great, reasonably priced apartments, and are nice folks, to boot. xxxx


  2. Sorry I’m tardi to the party ~ what a busy girl you’ve been already! NYE at La Fenice sounds just the ticket ~ I’ll be thinking of you. And a cat in your apartment? That’s wonderful service ~ I’m impressed!


  3. Ciao, Maya. I have seen your loving and enthusiastic comments on the TripAdvisor Venice forum. You must yearn for this city. I’ll surely visit your “love letter”!


  4. I am green with envy! Just one short year ago, I was planning my three month stay in Venezia. I left the US on December 1 and returned mid-February. I still cannot comprehend that I am not doing the same this year! It feels so strange to not be in Venezia in wintertime! I love your foogy pictures… and indeed, loved those foggy days you can get, along with the crystal clear blue sky days… ah, Venezia is a wonderful place… one that I am hoping to live in someday long-term. I do a love letter of sorts to Venezia, and the rest of Italy… drop by anytime: venicetovenezia.com. And I will keep following your delightful blog, living vicariously through you. Have a beautiful time.


  5. Mary, there are advantages to living in a city, it seems! You’ll be well ready for a break from work.


  6. MaryK

    Flying this time with Qatar….. 1st time with them (I’m usually a Singapore or Cathay/Swiss fan) – but I was sold on the route – Melbourne-Doha-Venice, so no pesky stop in Europe, just straight into Venice.

    Also as we now leave 3 1/2 hours from the airport the midnight departure was a great option with us both working right up to the moment we leave for the airport!


  7. Darlene

    We’re sweltering here – but that’s not a complaint. Gabriella was in the pool at 8 am!


  8. Steven

    I’m so happy–and envious–that you got your ticket to La Fenice! That should be super. Glad you’re here, sorry we’re leaving. But see you soon and look forward to following what you’re up to…


  9. christy

    So lovely meeting you today, Yvonne, my fellow temporary Venetian. Looking forward to many more meetings.


  10. Hi, Annie

    Thanks for dropping by and telling us about that little capitello .. it’s very charming. I am following your orders to have fun!


  11. Glad you made it! Know you are so happy to be off the airplane. The capitello has San Antonio (St. Anthony) holding the baby Jesus; I walked by that one many times when I stayed at Locanda Orseolo.

    Have lotsa fun!


  12. Andrew

    I saw the fog on the Venice webcams yesterday and thought of you, hoping your flights weren’t delayed. Glad everything is working out well.


    • Hi, Andrew

      The flight leaving Zurich was delayed while they sprayed that de-icing stuff on the wings. It was really clear over the Alps; I’ve never seen them so well. Then, “lotsa” fog again near Venice.


  13. MaryK

    So glad to hear you arrived safely. And you’ve done what I seem to always do – walk far to far on the first day……..just to make sure that everything is just as I want it to be! Thanks for the news about Punto being reopen. Great news for us as it’s just around the corner.


    • Good morning, Mary. Everything is absolutely wonderful! You’re going to be very content with it. So, your countdown is getting much shorter. Who are you flying with? Ciao … looking forward to meeting you.


  14. Bon réveil dans le brouillard encore ce matin, buona giornata, a presto !


    • Buongiorno, Maite, how nice to get your morning greeting. I need to find out what “brouillard” means! 🙂 Ciao.

      Aha!!! I can’t tell if there is le brouillard this morning. I’ll report later.


  15. Michelle

    Ciao, Bella!
    Ah, be still my heart…New Year’s at La Fenice….just wait till I tell Greg. He’ll be so jealous. I’m jealous …but in a nice way.
    Lili sends her love too and we are awaiting new Venetian cat pics.
    Take care and get some sleep.
    If all goes well…this time next year I’ll be on my way there.


  16. jessybobs

    Oh wow ! the dreaded fog I see ! lol .. so glad you are there safe and sound Yvonne … lovely pics … get some well earned rest ..check in soon xxxx julie


    • Julie, you can imagine who I thought of when I saw that thick fog as we came in to land. The only clue we were near Venice was the vision of tall industrial towers spewing stuff, in Maghera! Treviso would be shut tight, for sure, if it wasn’t already closed for upgrade.

      The apartment is great,a person could happily live here. Ciao, bella.


  17. Glad you had a safe trip to your second home! Next, you can go “egg hunting” in San Fantin (before the end of the month)!


    • Hi, Randallo. I did stop by at San Fantin, after buying my concert ticket. I had no idea what size the church and the installation were going to be! I’ll go back once I’m a touch more alert. It was nice to glide past San Stae (do vapoetti glide?), and see the other egg hunt, also. On the way to the Locanda, I saw another tiny open church with an installation. Do not ask embarrassing questions about the name, please! I’ll go back and tell you more. Ciao.


  18. Yeah, you’ve not only arrived safely, you’ve been out for a walk, a chat and shopping!!! Much joy ahead, for you (and for us~an army of faithful followers!) as the city becomes your home for the next months!



  19. Rob C

    If you do go back to LO say hi to Barbara from us, the whole family helped turn us into ‘Ventians in Waiting’ and we sometimes feel a bit guilty when we pick up the keys to our apartment of choice!!

    Hope all is going well, and looking forward to reading lot’s from you, especially things to do in our one week.



    • Hi, Rob. I will be delighted to drop your name into the conversation at the Locanda! Aren’t they the nicest people!? So, may I call you by your proper name … “ViW” now? Ciao.


  20. Barb

    Yea!! We now can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are safely settled in, with groceries purchased, New Year’s Eve taken care of, visited with friends, taken photos….all when you should have been worn out with jet-lag!
    What kind of vitamins to you take? I want some! Looking forward to the next installment of your new adventure.


    • Barb, I’m so happy with the apartment and its location. I had a look inside San Fantin church right across from La Fenice. There is a stunning Biennale installation there … have a look at Randy’s blog for a proper description. The church is seldom open, so it was a treat to have a snoop (err, I mean look) inside.


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