For each and every one of you

A bouquet of roses, by special delivery, just because you deserve it.

Perhaps I should say “Arrivederci, and thanks for all the fish.”  (With apologies to Douglas Adams.)


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17 responses to “For each and every one of you

  1. Hi, Barb. I’m here in body anyhow. It’s lovely, as always, never disappoints. I haven’t had a spritz … yet.


  2. Barb

    Buon viaggio, dear friend! You will be in our thoughts as you journey off to your “happy place!” Sure wish I was going to be there to join you in some adventures. Please have a Spritz….or two…for me.


  3. Don’t work too hard, B the B!! Ciao.


  4. Brian

    Buon viaggio! Have a great time getting to Venice. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get there!


  5. That would be a real treat to meet you folks. (Bring the contract!) Yes, let me know via email. Yay, finally!

    The flight(s) will be a touch longer than yours. The first one, from Cairns to Hong Kong, is roughly 8 hours. The next, from HK to Zurich is about 12 hours. Then, a teeny hop from Zurich to Venice, just over an hour. That’s the one I love, of course. Happy sigh.


  6. Andrew

    Hoping to go in January, Yvonne. Perhaps we can meet up for dinner somewhere? Will I be able to contact you through your email addess? BTW how long is your flight?


  7. Grazie, Michelle. Happy ‘house’ hunting.


  8. Michelle

    Grazie mille, Bella!
    Buon Viaggio!


  9. You’re very welcome!! Does Sally know she’s in for another big trip? I hope Leeme and Little G get better, quickly.


  10. Darlene Jones

    Thank you.


  11. Hi, Silkie. The first 2 are easy, the third I have to work on! Sig. Nonloso has advised me to stay away from pre-schoolers, who carry all the lurgies. I’ll be ducking and diving down those calle!


  12. Beautiful!

    Have a safe trip! And a most joyous stay in Venice, my friend! And STAY HEALTHY!!


  13. Thank you, Lou. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the day. Mel will love Venice, I’m sure! Say hello to Pete, Fletcher and Weaver. 🙂


  14. Lou

    Have a great trip Yvonne… you LUCKY GIRL!! Mel sent us a text at 4.38 this morning… “I’m on my way to ITALYYYY” wow….. oh the pain…..


  15. Grazie, Rob. It’s not all that long for you folks, is it?


  16. Rob C


    Bonne Voyage!



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