It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas *

I spotted this display in my local Supermarket, today.

Panettone is a traditional sweet bread found in Italy around Christmas and New Years.

I found that it also eaten in other countries, such as Brazil and Switzerland.

If you don’t really like this bread as is, it can be used to make French toast, or bread and butter pudding.

* At least they weren’t playing Jingle Bells.



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11 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas *

  1. They arrived here in Cincinnati about 2 weeks ago. They are only available in a few stores, so I already picked up the ones I usually give as gifts. This is one of those great Christmas memories from when we were in Naples and I’m glad that in the past few years I have been able to find them again. I’m just not ready for all the Christmas music on the radio, wish they would at least wait till after Thanksgiving.


  2. Randy, I just might have to try some this Christmas. It might be good dunked in that sweet wine, once it’s gone stale!

    Sheila, my Bread and Butter puddings turn out differently each time. But, they always have spices in them.


  3. Um, B&B Pudding, have you a recipe that is a favorite???


  4. Ah, Panetonne! A truly multi-purpose, long-lasting, and easy to care for gastronomic tool, um… delicacy.


  5. Darlene Jones

    Now, why am I not surprised that you found and focused on an Italian Christmas display????


    • Darlene, there is quite a large Italian population up here. They worked on the tobacco farms (when we had them), and also the cane fields. It’s such a treat to walk down the street and hear Italian being spoken.


  6. Michelle

    The stores here started putting out Christmas Things the day after Halloween. They used to wait till Thanksgiving but not any more.
    The good news is that I went to get my groceries at Trader Joe’s this morning and they already have my holiday faves….Candy Cane Joe Joe’s…like Oreo cookies with a peppermint filling. Yummo!
    PS The year before last my neighbor Inma who is from Spain and is a school teacher by profession but a world class baker for the love of it made me a Panettone from scratch…it was really tasty. It was a present for cat sitting while they were gone for a couple of weeks.


  7. That sounds good, Sheila. You’ll have to see what it’s like for that other old time favourite, Bread and Butter pudding.


  8. I love Panettone! I gave several away last year for Christmas/Hostess gifts! It makes the best “French toast” here’s the link to my recipe. 😉


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