To Venice

hold me in your tender embrace

fashioned of marble and

the past

and mystery

entangle me in your swirling web

fashioned of shadows and

the fog

and mist.



Filed under Mystery, Venice

5 responses to “To Venice

  1. Michelle

    And that song started playing in my head the minute I saw your post!
    We’ve been on to you for a long time…Darlene longer than me.


  2. Dang!! “My secret love’s no secret anymore”. Hey, that would be a great song title. 😉


  3. Darlene Jones

    That’s pretty darn beautiful and, yes, we’re on to you. Right, Michelle?


  4. Aw, you cheated, didn’t you!


  5. Michelle

    Hmmm, what/who could she be talking about. We could never guess in a million years!
    She said with a twinkle in her eye and her tongue in her cheek.


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