OK, I get the message!

When you are slave to a blog, one of the things you might check on is the statistics of daily visits. It has become clear to me that when I post stuff that is not from Italy in general, or Venice in particular, there is a slump in visits!

Being one of those above mentioned slaves, and liking to see lots of visitors to my blog, I guess I’d better get back to Italy (figuratively speaking) again.

These photos are from a very lovely city near Venice: Padua. It’s well worth more than just a day trip, there’s lots to see and explore. I stayed at a B&B run by an affable couple, Rossana and Carlo. They enriched my week long stay with many suggestions of things to do and see. The personal touch goes a long way, doesn’t it?

First, a few views of architecture in Padua, and one of the porticoed thoroughfares. There were quite a few pedestrian only precincts, and many people used bicycles as transport.

I wouldn't mind an apartment opening onto those balconies

I just noticed the Venetian lions atop the building

And, there's that person in red!

Padua has canals, like Venice, but it also has the dreaded cars.

I saw lots of street art in Padua.

One day, Rossana and Carlo took me into the country, to meet their friends, and to have lunch out there.

I wasn't supposed to take a photo of them!

You’ve heard me mention Licorice, the Travelling Koala. Here are a couple of shots of him, enjoying life in Padua.

Is this little bottle of prosecco for me!?

What do you mean, this isn't a Koala bathtub?

No visit to Padua is complete without going to the Scrovegni Chapel. Here’s a link to some information and photos of this amazing little chapel. 




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14 responses to “OK, I get the message!

  1. MaryK

    I love Padua – it’s a city of just the right middling size, and has a wonderful market as well. The only thing I don’t like about Padua are the absolute foot killing cobblestones – they are quite sharp and uneven and incredibly hard on the feet!


    • You’re dead right about the cobblestones, Mary! It’s much harder walking there than in Venice, even with all the bridges in the latter.

      Phew, we’re getting a taste of summer in Dismal Swamp, hot with a northerly wind.


  2. I love your posts from Dismal Swamp!

    Y, seriously, I think you have been neglecting Licorice. Perhaps if you were to give him some blog attention, your numbers just might skyrocket.


  3. All I know is, the figures take a drop if the post isn’t about Italy! Maybe there’s a jungle network out there, Bert!

    Perhaps, there are return visits, when the theme is Italian?


  4. Bert

    How do your visitors know that you haven’t posted about Italy or Venice before they have visited?


  5. No! I didn’t see those photos. Maybe another visit is on the cards. That’s funny about your luggage tag.


  6. Andrew

    Loved the Scrovegni chapel when we went last year. We also liked
    St. Anthony’s tomb in the basilica. Did you see all the photos of babies born after praying to the saint? We have pictures of him on our luggage labels as he is the patron of lost things. Not that I don’t trust British Airways.


  7. Could you not somehow kidnap your koala from that child, Shell? I could act as a distraction, if that helps.


  8. Actually, I’m here to see Licorice. I don’t mind which city he’s travelling through… {And off I go to whimper over giving my steel-blue-twin of Licorice to my best friend for her grandchild. I’m going to be selfish with my toys in future.}


  9. Darlene Jones

    Little did we know when we forced you to adopt Licorice that he would lead such a well travelled and luscious life style.


    • Hi, Darlene. If Licorice could talk, he’d probably grumble about the hours he spends squashed in a suitcase, and then the endless days he spends staring at a ceiling in an apartment. 🙂


  10. Darlene Jones

    My goodness – more loveliness! Licorice sure knows how to live right!


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