Pizza night

I have friends who live out in the country, about 15 to 20 minutes drive from my place. (It depends on how fast Cedric, the Sissy Car is on the day.)

A few years back, they built an outdoor bake oven.  They use it mainly for baking bread, some of which is gluten free for those who have gluten intolerance. They’ve got a sour dough starter going, and I particularly like this type of their bread .

However, for me, the biggest treat of all is when they stoke up that oven and have one of their famous pizza nights. When I’m invited, I definitely try not to miss out on this.

They spend the day getting the pizza dough ready, and the many ingredients for the toppings of the pizza. The combinations seem endless, from those that will suit the people who prefer vegetarian toppings, to those that will please us carnivores and omnivores!

A pizza ready to be devoured

Here's another pizza being prepared for the oven

That fire looks hot

I might have some of that, please

Around the camp fire

On a cool evening, we appreciated the warmth of the fire



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15 responses to “Pizza night

  1. cinzia

    che buona gnam gnam


  2. cinzia

    GNAM Che buona!


  3. I’ll take the lumpy mountainous bits, then. 🙂


  4. irina

    Is it a chance that the pizza on the paddle is shaped like the Australian continent? 😉
    What a great party you had! That pizza looks very good.


  5. Maité, I feel hunger coming on right now! A presto, bella. 🙂


  6. Bien appétissant ! Buon appetito, a presto !


  7. Seeing the photo of the pizza being prepared right on the paddle, I’ve learned how to solve the problem of getting the sticky dough onto the paddle. I’ve always done that backwards — loaded up the raw pizza first and then struggled to coax the dough onto the paddle. Something to remember for next time.
    But oh, don’t those pizzas look good. Wish I could reach into the page and have a taste.


  8. Hmm, maybe Darlene would like that recipe!? 🙂


  9. Michelle

    I have a recipe for chocolate pizza…no joke…Nutella is a major ingredient. Makes a nice dessert.
    It does look like a fun time was had by all.


  10. But, no chocolate! 😉


  11. Darlene Jones

    OMG they look scrumpdillyious! What a neat evening that must be, wood baked pizza, campfire, wine…


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