If you want to make a fashion statement …

… buy some spectacles while you’re in Italy!

Some of these are hand stitched!

Just take your prescription with you. Some places will have your new glasses ready in an hour



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12 responses to “If you want to make a fashion statement …

  1. Thank you, Mary! I feel a shopping urge coming on …

    Hmm, I’ll have to call my insurance company, to find out if they cover glasses bought overseas!


  2. Rob C

    Thanks, that looks great, We’ll look them up in December.



  3. MaryK

    Amongst all of the wonderful shops with glasses in Venice – Danilo Carraro is my favourite. http://www.otticacarraro.it/index_en.htm
    I now have quite a collection as they’re not frighteningly expensive……

    I just buy the frames and then get my (slightly complicated) prescription put in when I get home. Oh – and if you get home and can’t quite ‘move on’ from that pair you resisted and didn’t buy when in Venice, he’ll send them to you!


  4. Thank you for the directions to that particular shop, Rob. I noticed they advertised a Christmas display; I wonder if they will have one this year?

    It seems you are the ocular fashionista of your family, making la bella figura ~~~ 😉


    • Rob C

      Ooh, The Window Display, Yes, We’ll have to check it out when we’re there, but they close for the Xmas/New Year Break so…………


  5. Rob C

    The best ones in Venice come from Ottica Vascellari. Their glasses are what marks the true Venetian, on a sunny day the best dressed locals all have glasses with the little gold signature on the right arm.
    They are right near the Rialto Bridge and have their own frame factory in the region.
    Find more here: http://www.otticavascellari.it/

    I have 3 pairs, my wife, just the one!



  6. You must have quite a collection by now, Linda! 🙂


  7. Every year I buy glasses in Venice…..it’s my jewelry. The designs are so fantastic………….


  8. You’ll have to show us the frames you select, for sure, Michelle.


  9. Michelle Vaden

    That’s so interesting that you should post this because I was planning on shopping for glasses in Venice my next trip!


  10. Darlene Jones

    I want some! I also found the coolest ever watch in Venice and glass rings.


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