A cover up

At any given time, many of Venice’s historic sites/buildings are undergoing restoration. It is typical to see them shrouded in some form of cover whilst this work is being undertaken. This cover is often paid for by a sponsor, so our vision may be assaulted by some mighty large advertisements. However, that advertising money  is for a good cause.

Here are just two of the sites you can’t see if you’re in Venice right now. These photos were taken in 2008.

I wonder when we'll see the Bridge of Sighs free of its covering again?

And, Noah's nudity is covered completely just now

PS Another anniversary today. It was 45 years ago that we first sighted the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on our arrival by ship from Canada.


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7 responses to “A cover up

  1. Steven

    Ah, I actually didn’t to go out rowing today, but maybe tomorrow. It has gotten easier and I can actually look around some & keep time without too much effort. Last time though it was even windier and wavier than the 2 previous times, and we went further. A friend who has been doing it for 40 yrs (since he was 5!) says every time out is different and you learn something. So… And, yes, I think you probably can pop into the remiera and take some pics; I’ve wanted to do it myself, but haven’t yet. It’s a pretty atmospheric space…


  2. Good morning, Steven. It will be such a treat to see that part of the Palazzo Ducale again; it seems like forever since it was visible.

    Is that rowing coming easier now? Can you look around a little bit rather than concentrating on the person in front of you, or your rocking motion? I’ll have to come and watch you and your mates, and get some photos, with your permission, of course.



  3. Steven

    You won’t believe this–and perhaps I should have left it for a surprise for when you soon arrive–but much of the scaffolding around the Bridge of Sighs has come down! I noticed it last Friday and have been meaning to get a pic ever since but haven’t managed it.

    You can now see both of the original gothic windows of the Palazzo Ducale with their tracery (before you could only see one) and that huge wrap-around billboard with all those damn clouds is gone, except for a horizontal strip of its base. Some bared scaffolding remains, including all around the bridge itself, which makes my wife fear they will cover it again, but I don’t think so. Processes move very very slowly here, as you well know, so I think it’s all part of the clearing away process. (I’m still waiting for all the junk around the Accademia to be cleared, but can’t tell how much progress has been made over the last few months).

    Perhaps I can get a pic tomorrow. But first, have to head out for my 4th uscita–or rowing venture.


  4. I hope to be there the year/decade/century when they complete the work on the San Marco campanile. It was a nice surprise to see the scaffolding coming down around the Accademia.


  5. It’s always interesting to get to Venice and see what’s covered and what’s been unveiled since the last time. Andrew said that almost all the scaffolding around the Accademia is gone! I can’t wait to see that. Please let us know what’s going on when you get there.


  6. I remember the kids had eaten some green plums and had almighty gastro, lovely way to finish our visit with you guys! It’s also Jodi’s birthday, he’s getting to be an old bloke. 🙂


  7. Darlene Jones

    45 years?!?!? Hard to believe. I remember your visit to our place on you way to Australia. Mom thought she would never see you again. Thankfully you had so many wonderful trips together over the years.


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