Back to Venice, for the first anniversary of the blog

I admired these window blinds

So, now you think you've seen Venice, right? Wrong.

And, for Alexa and Bert: where is this located? (Too easy for you two, I think.)

Venetian fire engine

Man at work: Burano



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20 responses to “Back to Venice, for the first anniversary of the blog

  1. Happy Blogiversary. Bert beat me to it and I like his anagram.


  2. G’day, Connecticut Yankee! Thank you so much for your kind words. I sure do need to get back to refresh the photo albums. Should I pack some anti-freeze, do you think? 😉


  3. Barb

    A day or so late here but want to say thank you for a year of wonderful photos and commentary about interesting people, places, and things! I’m already looking forward to what new things you’ll discover during your next Venetian adventure.


  4. Rob C


    Well done, a whole year!!
    When are you next returning, We’re going back for Christmas (3rd time).



  5. Happy first anniversary to your blog Yvonne!
    Have a nice Sunday!


  6. Bert beat me to it! I used to stay right near the bridge at the other end of the rio terra from where you took this shot. Congrats on your 1st blogiversary! Hope you keep it up for a long while.


  7. By George (or, by Bert), I think you’ve got it! I believe I was concentrating on the spring blossoms. I just realized, I don’t think I’ve ever been inside that church.


  8. Bert

    A guest, I rearrange the letters.
    An unusual angle, Yvonne.


  9. IF I lived in Venice, and IF I had windows like that, I’d surely have blinds like that, to admire as I sipped prosecco, and patted my fluffy cat. 🙂


  10. So your blogoversary is also around the same time as mine and PCN’s? How neat is that! Congratulations, bella ~ that’s wonderful. And I love those blinds ~ such a surprise.


  11. Buon compleanno ! A presto !


  12. At times, I didn’t think I’d last 6 months, let alone a year! The blinds were very artistic.


  13. Darlene Jones

    You’ve been doing your blog for a whole year already?!?! Congratulations.
    I love the window blinds.


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