A taste of Umbria

Let’s have a look at a few of Spoleto’s offerings.

The bottom half of the toilet door in the train station was missing. This toilet was only for the desperate! It was the only one available, and the outer door wouldn't lock.

 This cathedral is truly worth the steep uphill climb.  

Spoleto Cathedral


Further up the hill, beyond the Cathedral, you can cross this aqueduct.

Ponte delle Torri built over the foundation of a Roman aqueduct

Modern form of telecommunications, to be found at the railway station



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12 responses to “A taste of Umbria

  1. Steven

    It’s suddenly got ore brisk here, but not really cold. Those other pics of Spoleto were great.


  2. Strange. No one got excited about the loo at the train station! 😉


  3. Hi, Steven

    It’s still pretty warm in your part of the world, I think. Maybe I need to jettison some of the woolies! Did you have a look at the photos on the link re: the cathedral?

    I had a relatively short time in Spoleto, due to ‘treno in ritardo’ from Perugia, on my outward trip. I wouldn’t mind going back one day.

    Guess what? 45 days. Sigh. 🙂


  4. Steven

    That cathedral is marvelous, but I only realized how marvelous thanks to your pic. I think I caught sight of it in a pretty bad movie I saw not too long ago from the late ’60s(?) starring Marcello Mastroianni & Bridget Bardot by Louis Malle called A Very Private Affair, but I don’t think I could appreciate it in that film, not least because of the awful American dubbing of the 2 stars on the version I saw. So it’s really nice to see it without the distractions. Would love to see it in person.


  5. Andrew

    Great pics, Yvonne. Just back from Venice. If you would like to hear the highs and lows email me with your email address. I don’t want to post them on here!


  6. That phone is just so quaint! Love the cathedral!


  7. I’m always amazed at your photos. I would never think to take a photo of the telephone….LOL…I think I have to be a little more observant.


  8. It’s a very pretty, but hilly, city. That phone goes back a long way, eh?


  9. Darlene Jones

    So much charm! I especially like the phone.


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