Men at work (in Venice)

I came across these fellows very busy at trimming trees, one spring day. It’s not the usual picture I have in my mind’s eye, when I think of Venice.

And, here are Men at Work, Aussie style!




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10 responses to “Men at work (in Venice)

  1. A very unusual sight in Venice. Amazed that Bert recognized where it is!


  2. Bert, I do believe that you are correct! That would have been the direction in which I was walking, after taking photos of La Partigiana. Thank you for the detective work.


  3. Bert

    The trees are growing on the Fondamenta Morosini by the side of the Rio di Ca’ di Dio. The campanile visible on the edge of the first photo is that of San Martino.


  4. Interesting shots for Venice! Apart from a few small parks on the edges, not so many trees there—or so it would seem. But just look at the satellite view on Google maps. There’s a lot more green than you think.


  5. Michelle

    They grow trees on balconies in Venice…or any possible space. I was amazed at all the greenery when I was there.

    I must say that video is exactly what I though when you said “men at work in Australia”…too funny.


  6. Darlene Jones

    Now that you mention trees in the same sentence as Venice, I have to say that I don’t remember seeing a lot (or any) trees when I was there. Certainly not any as big as the ones in your pictures.


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