Maria SS Della Quercia in Atherton

This is specially for “Sig. Nonloso”, who posted photos of a procession of the Madonna in Sant’ Elena.

The older members of congregation of St Joseph’s Church, Atherton are, in the main,  originally from the south of Italy: Calabria and Sicily. They used to carry the statue by hand for the parade after the mass. But, time has taken its toll, the men of the congregation have grown older, so in typical Queensland fashion, a ute (pick-up truck) is roped into the task.

The gentleman who drove the truck said that in his homeland (Calabria), you had to park very early or walk many kilometers to get to the mass and parade.

There was a band, and afternoon tea was served at the priest’s residence following the mass and parade.

Here is the statue being carried from the church.

Part of the parade and prayers to the Madonna.



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6 responses to “Maria SS Della Quercia in Atherton

  1. I had a clip of the band, but they seem to need a tad more practice ….


  2. Michelle

    That was lovely, Yvonne.


  3. It was my pleasure, Steven. I’m glad you nudged me into posting this! It’s so good to see some traditions honoured, ‘way down here!


  4. Steven

    I love the videos! Though it seemed odd to hear the participants speaking English (after just hearing it all in Italian). I also liked how they even had girls in traditional garb. Nothing quite so elaborate here. I wonder if it’s a bigger festa in the South (of Italy, that is–not Australia) than in the North. Though some people with apartments along the route of the procession to the church did set out lit candles upon their window sills.
    Thanks so much for posting the vids!


  5. Now, that gave me a good chuckle, Andrew. Maybe you can save that penance for when you’re in Sant’ Elena?


  6. Andrew

    Thanks for that, Yvonne. I love to see Christian processions ( being Anglo-catholic). We robe and crown our statue of Mary on the Feast of the Assumption and process outside with bells and smells (incense). Some of the less formal people ( ie me) call it taking the doll for a walk. ( I’ll have to say 10 Hail Mary’s for admitting that).


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