This and that

I guess these folks are sick and tired of us lost tourists ending up at their place.

Dogs ride for free on the vaporetti. They only risk someone treading on their paws.

Arm wrestle, anyone?

Now, can someone please tell me: is that a pig? And, what happened to the fellow’s legs? (This was carved onto a well head.)

[Now I can add, courtesy of Andrew, that this probably represents Saint Anthony Abbot, patron saint ofย  butchers and pig rearers.]



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9 responses to “This and that

  1. I really like his curly little tail, Annie. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. That pig is a great find!


  3. All I can say is “Uffa”, and remember, there are handy canals, and accidents can happen! I’m just saying …

    PS You’re up early, it seems.


  4. Andrew

    St Anthony Abbot didn’t really keep pigs but used lard to make ointments – he was some sort of healer from Egypt.
    Lunch was generally ok but one person showed racist tendencies – difficult as we have a Romanian house guest at the mo. Rude really.


  5. Hi, Darnit. Andrew just confirmed the provenance of said animal. I’ve go a great crew of researchers working for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Darlene Jones

    I think it’s a pig. Not sure about the legs.


  7. Andrew

    Could the last one be St. Anthony Abbot? See Bert’s post on Venice Daily Photo – Scuola dei Luganegheri. ( One week today and we’re on our way!!!!)


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