Atherton history

“It’s part of a timber jinker”, said a lady who noticed me looking at the massive old piece of equipment in front of the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

Front of a timber jinker.

Now, I knew what the word “timber” meant, but I’d never heard of  a “jinker” So, it was off to my best friend, Google, when I got home. Here I found that they were used to move timber from where it was felled, to a sawmill. They were usually made of red gum, a really tough type of hard wood. The wheels were also wooden, and an iron rim was added when the wood started to crack and wear.

The jinker was pulled by a team of horses, or more usually, bullocks. The blokes who handled the teams of bullocks were called bullockies.

Part of the wheel assembly

A shim to help hold the rim onto the wooden base

This old timber jinker has links with the mural on the Grand Hotel, which is featured in this post:


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2 responses to “Atherton history

  1. Apropos of nothing, do you remember the book “Uncle Shelby’s Zoo”?


  2. Darlene Jones

    Makes me think of old farm quipement I saw on the farm in Saskatchewan when I was a kid.


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