Calling Annie

If you follow the blog Churches in Venice, you will have encountered Annie, who has a passion for Venetian churches, shrines and cats.

I’m hoping she reads this post and can tell us a bit about this shrine. You can see it if you are standing on the Tre Ponti (Three Bridges) looking toward the Campazzo Tre Ponti.



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6 responses to “Calling Annie

  1. Thank you, Annie. It’s so different, and as you said, quite modern; a bit like the Madonna and child near church on Mazzorbo.


  2. Hi Yvonne, all I can tell you is that the decoration inside of the shrine is modern. I have a book published in 1987 that has a photo of this shrine and at that time, the sacred images inside were completely different (there was a painting of the Madonna with saints and none of the images of trees were there). The tabernacle is the same but back then it was blue, now it’s brown.

    So someone in the past few decades has done a very nice restoration of this one!


  3. I do hope Annie comes by, and tells us more about it. I couldn’t find it on her site.


  4. Michelle

    Lots of those “stumble upon” experiences in Venice. It is lovely. I’ll have to look for it next time.


  5. It sure is. It was another ‘stumble-upon’ experience.


  6. djones47

    It’s so pretty!


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