Mission accomplished

One of the things I was hoping to do while in Venice, was to see the first female gondolier, Giorgia Boscola. I had read that she was currently working on one of the traghettos that crosses the Grand Canal. One cold day, as I waited at the Ca’ D’Oro stop, to go across to the Rialto market, I found that my luck was in. Signora Boscola was one of the two people manning the oars on that traghetto.

I handed over my 50 cents (half-euro) and found my spot on the traghetto. I told her she was famous even in Australia, which drew a smile. She graciously permitted me to take a photo of her at work. Maybe you’ll have the chance to ride with her, and maybe she’ll have her own gondola route one day soon.

Signora Boscola hard at work

Here is a short video featuring this groundbreaking lady. In another post, I will try to explain the difference between using a traghetto and a gondola.



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6 responses to “Mission accomplished

  1. I think so, Irina. Her father is/was a gondolier, and she started rowing at a very early age.


  2. Irina

    Is she venetian? Boscolo is a typical surname in Chioggia.
    Anyway, she’s great!


  3. She’s a real ground breaker, that’s for sure. I read that she has 2 small children, also.


  4. Awesome! I remember all the hub-bub about her a while back. I’d ride in her gondola any old time.


  5. Just imagine … the first one ever. And, it not be easy to pass all the tests, etc. I’ll keep my eyes open for her this winter.


  6. djones47

    Good for her. Can’t be easy to break traditions like that.


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