Market in Campo Santa Margherita

Several days a week, you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables,flowers and fish in this campo.

Occasionally, there will be a different kind of market, a genuine treasure trove. If I lived there, I’d be triumphantly carrying home the most wonderful things!

One tiny section of the market

Baubles and bright shining beads

Come to my place for afternoon tea

I'm sure I could find a place for these fellows

There's a golf course on Lido, but where could we play baseball in Venice?



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12 responses to “Market in Campo Santa Margherita

  1. If I understand correctly, you now own some little glasses. 🙂 Tell me if I am wrong.


  2. Il m’est arrivé d’y trouver des petites verreries…
    Martine de Sclos


  3. Steven

    The only Murano glass we own came from one of these markets near the Rialto last winter: an old pair of small vases, very obviously hand-made, perhaps by a beginner or in great haste, heavy and for a real glass afficianado far too lumpish & molten-ish & rustic, but at only 10 euro for the pair they were irresistible. Perfect in their imperfection! The woman at the table told us she would be at Campo S Margherita the next week, but I didn’t make it there. But it looks like you did!


  4. Thanks, Annie. I’ll be back this winter; I wonder what the markets will be like before Christmas?


  5. What a great find. I could have spent a fortune at this one! One time I was in Venice when the Miracoli market was going on; I really enjoyed looking at all the treasures. Your photos are great!


  6. Well, isn’t that a lovely thing to happen! Love those gallant Venetians. Your friend probably cherishes that purchase.


  7. Andrew

    We went to one of these markets one November. One of our friends hadn’t enough cash on her to buy the thing she wanted so the stall holder settled for 1€ and a kiss!


  8. There sure was! One fellow even had a really kitsch model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; I couldn’t find the photo, darn it, Darnit!


  9. djones47

    A little bit of everything, eh?


  10. Maybe you’ll be lucky and strike one of these markets during your time there. Happy shopping!


  11. There is a ‘tea cup’ on a larger saucer in the middle of that afternoon tea pic, looks perfect for the addition of a pastry or some kind of confection. Wow, would love to bring something like that home!


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