In which I am disloyal to Venice

Just to prove that I recognise that there are interesting places elsewhere in Italy, here’s a little taste of the town of Zagarolo in Lazio.

Zagarolo is roughly 30 minutes by train to the south-east of Rome. It perches, like a rough gem held aloft  in finger tips,  on a narrow rocky spine.

I had the pleasure of staying with Ivano and Terhi at their B&B,   Il Colle degli Ulivi  (Olive Tree Hill). They epitomise what is best about the Italians, warm, friendly, good food, good wine …

Here to tempt you, are a few photos from the area.

I saw this graffiti on my walk into the town

These are used in the wood fired oven of the bakery. The bread tasted so good

Yes, it is a butcher shop selling horse meat. I did not sample that

"Kiss the women" alley

This street was right next to the one in the previous photo

Graffiti and mosaics near an underpass

Pretty courtyard in a town near Zagarolo



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12 responses to “In which I am disloyal to Venice

  1. Steven

    You may not have tried the horse meat of the butcher shop in the pic above, but the good news(?) is that you will have another chance when you get to Venice at the horse butcher right near the Rialto market! Actually, I noticed that the hotdog my son bought at the double-decker English bus across the beach from the Lido contained horse meat. Also that one of the pizzas at a restaurant in Campo San Polo featured sausage with horse meat–which it clearly stated in the menu’s Italian description but NOT in the English translation.

    Those alley names are so chaste! Just rode with some visiting friends on the #1 vaporetto past the Traghetto del Buso right near the Rialto: the most reductive term for a prostitute or an area associated with them, that I’ve ever come across. Those Venetians don’t waste words…


    • Thanks, Steven, but I may pass up that opportunity for a different culinary experience. I wonder why we can eat all manner of meat, yet balk at others?

      You’re right, some of the Venetians call a spade a spade. 🙂


  2. Michelle Vaden

    Ah, yes, Greece, but right now the savings are dedicated to La Serenissima!


  3. Same here, Annie. There must be a story attached to that. And, why was it in English?


  4. What a lovely little place. I really like that graffiti!


  5. It truly is, Andrew. If you ever go to Rome, be sure to consider staying with Ivano and Terhi; you won’t regret it. And, there’s a lot to see and do around that part of Lazio.


  6. Andrew

    What a nice place.


  7. And, you’ll be putting some money aside for a visit to Greece, I’d say?


  8. Michelle

    Yes, it is okay to love a place other than Venice…you can have an “open” relationship with her. Being the mother of courtesans I’m sure she turns a blind eye to infidelity.
    I hope to get to many of the other places you have visited….some day. Right now my savings are dedicated to Venice.


  9. Hi Sheila and Darlene. It was full of history, of course. The elevated position made it easy to defend, centuries ago. Close the 2 gates that give access to the town, sit down and enjoy your pasta and vino! Just out of the town, there was a mini-colosseum where gladiators used to practice their skills. Ivano and Terhi are amazing people, you feel wrapped in love and care when you’re with them.


  10. djones47

    What a lovely spot.


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