What a nice surprise

Yesterday,  I was heading for the hardware store when I noticed a shop that surely had not been there  last week. What magic had taken place?
We’ve got a genuine Italian deli in town. It just opened on Monday, and is the initiative a young couple, Diana (Dee) and Peter (Pietro). Their parents came from Calabria and Sicily respectively.

Dee had a few containers of her bolognaise sauce left in the freezer; all of the lasagna had been snapped up by mid-day. I bought some of the sauce, and can confirm that it made an easy and  tasty pasta dish for my evening meal. Dee wrapped the container like a gift, and put it into a neat paper bag. The Italians have that knack of making simple things look special.

Dee’s Bolognaise sauce, still frozen.

The enterprising couple were very busy making fresh panini (sandwiches), and I can testify that Peter’s macchiato truly hits the caffeine spot. They use and stock a lot of cheese from a local cheese factory: Gallo’s. (By the way, you can buy deadly hand made chocolates at Gallo’s).

Some of the varieties of cheese from Gallo’s. The deli also sells many types of salumi, and they stock a wide range of Italian dry goods, condiments, pasta and so on.

Peter at the cash register, their helper, and Diana

One can only wish this nice young couple well. If their first couple of days are an indication, they have cornered a niche market in our town.



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13 responses to “What a nice surprise

  1. Hi, Sheila. Hmm, I could ask them if they’ll do that. They were run off their feet yesterday.


  2. And best wishes to them from the Northern Rocky Mountains.
    I think you have discovered tutors for your trip. Time to perfect your “shopping” Italian with your local Italian shopkeepers! I’m jealous!

    I wonder if you’ll become such a regular that they set up a “tab” for ytab 🙂


  3. cinzia

    Che bello, Yvonne, I’m so happy for you, your concittadini and the young couple who opened the deli. Bravi.


  4. Michelle

    okay, please email me the recipe for the pasta dish. I might even make it sometime. Tonight was two avocados, cottage cheese and a bit of ice cream. Well, it is summer and I was tired.


  5. djones47

    You post today was so mouth watering that I made your pasta dish for supper and we savored every bite.


    • I’ve just been down to get that parmesan, and also just had to buy a slice of their pumpkin cake. There was a bloke in the shop who came back to get more of the cake and gave it a “Highly Recommended”.

      (I practically live on that darn pasta dish you made tonight!)


  6. Michelle

    I’m drooling too! And sending good wishes from the West Coast of the US.
    Who would have thought that you could gain weight on the way to the hardware store?


  7. Darlene, their shop looks so nice, and they are still waiting for some supplies to arrive.


  8. Barb

    Sending good luck wishes to Dee and Peter from the east coast of the U.S.
    It’s wonderful when young folks who have a dream can actually make it happen.


  9. djones47

    I’m drooling!


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