This is not a gondola!

If you’re lucky and alert, you may see one of these plying the canals of Venice.

This is a Sandolo

Would you care to join me for a little ride in one of these? I’ll find out where to hire one for some of the little, quiet canals.


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12 responses to “This is not a gondola!

  1. 🙂 It’s our little secret!

    A presto.


  2. MaryK

    I can’t tell you how much better that makes me feel!


  3. Well, don’t tell anyone, but I have two countdown clocks on my computer. One is the time I get on the plane in Cairns, the second is the time I land at Marco Polo. Kinda sad, isn’t it!


  4. MaryK

    Although some might perhaps consider that it’s particularly obsessive to have a countdown clock on your computer so you know that number….


  5. Hi, Mary

    I did read somewhere that they’re not a bargain. Oh, well, it might still be fun to have a ride in one. (How many days now?)


  6. MaryK

    I think he hangs out near the Accademia bridge on the San Marco side. Not sure if he’s cheaper though!


  7. I only saw two in my last visit, Fausto. I like them. I just went back into your archives for your post on these nice boats … thank you!


  8. It’s a “sandolo da barcariol” indeed.


  9. I reckon they might be. Perhaps not as ‘posh’, but hey, they still cover the same water. I wonder if they do that “Oie” call at corners? Ciao!


  10. Aren’t they less expensive than a gondola ride?


  11. The pirogues always look as though they are only about an inch from sinking. Is it like that when you sit in one?


  12. djones47

    The shape is similar to the pirogues that ply the Niger river in Mali.


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