Strange critter, update

I just heard from a follower of my blog, who gave me the identity of this strange insect:

Here it is, in all its interesting glory:

Well done, Melissa, and thank you!



Filed under Atherton, Australia, Fauna, Insects

7 responses to “Strange critter, update

  1. djones47

    I’d stick with Licorice if I were you.


  2. 🙂 But, no litter box to empty.


  3. Michelle

    And it wouldn’t be nearly as lovely and snuggly as a cat.


  4. Michelle

    PS Yvonne….looks like you could keep it as a pet.


  5. Michelle

    Yes, very well done! That was very interesting. And a very smart creature to mimmic a scorpion to avoid being eaten…unless it should run into a meerkat….those darling creatures think scorpions are lovely snacks.
    I think it’s safe though because they don’t live in the same part of the world.


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