Strange critter

I spotted this fellow making his way up one of the windows above my kitchen sink. I have absolutely no idea what he was; I’ve never seen an insect like this before.

I'm glad you're on the outside of this window



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11 responses to “Strange critter

  1. Melissa

    G’day Yvonne,

    That would be a Giant Prickly Stick insect. Cute little fellas, hey?
    And, guess what? I found this info for you if you’d like to keep one as a pet!!!
    Oh, by the way, if he becomes unwell please don’t bring him to my surgery, thank you very much.


  2. Darlene

    Just showed my friend this. She say he looks like an alien packing a couple of laser guns.


  3. Bizarre, bizarre?
    Martine de Sclos


  4. In real life, darn near as big as shown in the photo. If I wasn’t such a coward, I’d have got the ladder to take a photo of it from the outdoors. 🙂


  5. Michelle

    I have seen this creature on some nature program (I watch a lot of those) recently and I’ve been mostly watching a show on “Australasia” so not surprised you have one. So this was a closeup. How big was “he”?


  6. Good morning, gals. He was very interesting. When he walked he sort of swayed back and forth. He had perfect disguise to be in trees with dry leaves. (Why do I assume it was a “he”?)


  7. Barb

    I’ve seen pictures of “walking stick” insects but that guy looks more like a “walking branch”, complete with leaves. Interesting in a scary way.


  8. djones47

    Oh my God! Wouldn’t want to make him mad. At first glance I thought scorpion.


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