I walked into the office of the local dental technician to make an appointment. Ralph was busy, so I sat down and reached for one of his collection of vintage National Geographic magazines. This one was relatively new, from January 2005.  🙂

It fell open to a page and I gave a little start! I knew that woman. It was Erla Zwingle, whose blog I follow (I Am Not Making This Up), and whom I met when last in Venice. What are the odds of this conjunction of events happening?

Ralph let me borrow the magazine to read Erla’s article “Italy Before the Romans”, at home.



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6 responses to “Happenstance

  1. I’ll have to sneak in again when Ralph is busy and see what other treasures he has! You’re right about the National Geographic, no one wants to chuck them out!


  2. A great happenstance! What a dentist you have found – magazines only 6-1/2 years old!!
    It is believed that several towns in the USA are sinking into the earth like Venice due to the massive weight of saved National Geographic magazines in their basements…


  3. I do admire her writing so much. And, you will find lots to catch up on!


  4. Michelle

    Whenever this sort of thing happens to me (and it does) I just say it is God reminding me that I am where I am supposed to be (even at the dentist) doing what I am supposed to be doing….in case I had any doubt.
    I’m sure that was God’s little reminder for you.
    Which reminds me that I haven’t visited her blog in a bit. Probably have some catching up to do.


  5. Not even 6 degrees of separation there.


  6. djones47



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