Another day in the snow

Kay’s brother and sister-in-law arrived from South Australia while I was there. They had never seen the snow so one day we took them to see some.

Sign at the side of the road. We obeyed it, because it's straight down on the left hand side. There had been a blizzard the day before, which pasted the snow onto the sign in that horizontal fashion.

Ice crystals in a pool of water

A cold mountain stream tumbling along

"Hey, this is fun!"

There were no ski patrols at this site, so a broken limb would have meant along wait for help! Oh, and no mobile phone reception either.

Who needs a toboggan?

A good aerobic workout. (Photo courtesy of Kirk)

Photo courtesy of Kirk



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4 responses to “Another day in the snow

  1. I wonder what this winter will hold in store for you? But, how many days until the really good thing?? 🙂


  2. Uffda! just counting the days until we have snow again……um, that is a lie, as you well know!!


  3. djones47

    OMG! That could almost be Alberta. No, I do not miss it one bit.


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