Calling Giovanni Lunghi!

Brrr, from +26 to 0 degrees is quite  a change!

So, it was on with the many layers, (including the above mentioned long  johns), a down filled jacket, hat, gloves, etc., to brave the snow and ski slopes of the Great Dividing Range of northern Victoria.

Here are some of the many varied species of eucalyptus trees that you will see if you come and visit this part of Australia.

On the way to Mount Hotham

They thrive in the snow

I liked the 'echo' shapes of the rock and gum tree

Glorious colours

It was nice and warm by this gum log burning in an outdoor brazier



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10 responses to “Calling Giovanni Lunghi!

  1. Hi, Barb. I don’t envy your heat one tiny bit. That’s just too hot, isn’t it?


  2. Barb

    Good to see your name and photos again! I especially liked the one of the tree and the rock . I found the photos of the snow very refreshing as we’ve been breaking records with temperatures of 103 or more. Right now, snow sounds good!


  3. Irina

    If I were an australian kid I would surely think up a joke about the “chewing gum tree”. But I’m not ((((


  4. djones47

    A little shock to the system, eh? My girlfriend ordered silk underwear when she came to Edmonton from Africa at Christmas time. Claimed it was amazingly warm.


    • I’ve still got the long johns from when I house sat for you. If they can cope with an Edmonton winter …..

      I really enjoyed being cool/cold for awhile. They live in a lovely part of Oz. xx


  5. I might have to wait until I get to Venice and go to Panorama to find the silk ones.
    Those eucalyptus trees grow in such a wide range of climates, tough they are.


  6. Michelle

    Yes, it does sound better than “long johns”. You need a set of “silkies”…the ones you know who wears.
    Funny…I never imagined eucalyptus and snow!


  7. I’m laughing at myself. Because it took me a while to figure out What Giovanni Lunghi was….LOL….


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