Blog Break

I’m going down to visit the son, the daughter in law and the animals in snowy northern Victoria for a week or so.

The big wedding day


One of the animals!

I'll finally get to wear this down filled jacket

So, once the frost bite has been cured, the skiing injuries have healed, etc., I’ll be back to tell you a bit about their part of Australia.



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8 responses to “Blog Break

  1. Hi, Shell. Yes, I’m having a great time in the cool country. I haven’t even thought of Johnny until I answered your comment. 🙂


  2. Have a wonderful time, Yvonne! That’s one gorgeous cuddly kitty and a beautiful photo of your son and his wife. Catch you when you’re back in warmer climes…


  3. Michelle

    Actually I think a crouch position for cross country would probably work…you wouldn’t have a far to fall.
    Have a lovely time.
    Going to be there for the big birthday???


    • It’ll make for a very restricted stride, Michelle. I’ll get Kirk to do a video, perhaps.

      I remember falling in deep snow a few years back. No one was around, and I was rather like a turtle on its back, very awkward getting up, whilst giggling.

      Yes, the little birthday will be celebrated in the snow.


  4. Barb

    Have a wonderful time, Yvonne, and if you are going to be skiing, repeat after me “I will not fall down, I will not fall down!” Casts are not good souvenirs. We’ll be looking forward to lots of intereseting photos when you return.


  5. djones47

    Frost bite?
    Skiing injuries??


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