What am I?



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6 responses to “What am I?

  1. Yours is a most original answer, Andrew. (I’m still sucking up to you, to get that contract.) How many days now?

    It was a marinade of oil, soy sauce and honey, for thinly sliced beef to soak in, along with garlic and hot chillies, for a stir fry. The liquids kept moving, forming neat patterns, I couldn’t resist some photos. They’d make interesting paintings!


  2. Andrew

    Is it pigment on oil in preparation for marbling paper?


  3. djones47

    Olive oil and red wine?


  4. Barb

    Ok…I’ll play! But my first guess was also balsamic vinegar on olive oil.
    My 2nd guess is red wine and…….something! Now I have to look at it some more….:-)


  5. NO vinegar was used in the making of this photo! 🙂


  6. Michelle

    Okay, the woman who seldom cooks thinks it looks like droplets of balsamic vinegar on olive oil….like for dipping your bread in a restaurant!
    Of course it’s probably not anything so appetizing.


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