The sum of the parts

I spotted this in a back street where I had never walked before.



Filed under Art, Australia

6 responses to “The sum of the parts

  1. I’ll just have to trudge a bit further today! The mousse looked better than it tasted. Can’t trust those darn Belgians! 🙂

    PS What do you mean “Going to get …”? You’ve got a spy camera set up in my house, haven’t you?


  2. AliDa

    The mural is amazing!

    And, you’re going to get chubby.


  3. I was really pleased and surprised when I saw it. It’s on a path seldom trod!

    (Don’t disturb me .. I’m eating a yummy Belgian chocolate mousse.)


  4. djones47

    I love it!!!!!


  5. It’s difficult to get a photo of the whole thing, there’s always a car or 5 parked there. It’s a most attractive wall painting. And, again, no graffiti scribbled on it. Good old Atherton.


  6. Michelle Vaden

    There really was a street in Atherton that you hadn’t walked? That in itself is amazing. The art is wonderful. What a treat!


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