Be it ever so humble

I would dearly love to call this apartment my home! You’d be very welcome to come and call on me for coffee and biscuits.  Or, you may prefer some prosecco and antipasti on the balcony,  before we go out for a meal at a local osteria.

The nearest vaporetto stop is Accademia. 



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11 responses to “Be it ever so humble

  1. It.s great …

    Many thanks


  2. Bert, I knew I had picked a good location. Now, who wants to lend me the money?


  3. Bert

    It’s very handy for the Cantinone Storico Ristorante, and if you want a picture framing while you eat, that could be arranged.


  4. Hmm, we’ll have to take turns on that little balcony, maybe, with our glasses of Branca Menta. 🙂


  5. Now we have something new to try, Shell, that Branca Menta stuff, on ice! Be nice to Andrew at the party, at least until I read and sign the contract!

    Andrew, I’ll be at the booze shop first thing in the morning.


  6. Andrew

    I’ll bring your contract round. A glass of Branca Menta on ice please.


  7. Please count me in. I’m happy to indulge in all of the above. Sounds wonderful!


  8. Looks like we’re heading for a party at my place!


  9. Michelle

    Me too! Make mine Gingerino!


  10. OK, I’ll make a spritz for you!


  11. djones47

    It’s lovely. I’ll be there!


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