Cloister of San Francesco della Vigna

Is that a hedgehog?



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12 responses to “Cloister of San Francesco della Vigna

  1. Andrew

    It seems that Branca Menta splits opinion in the same way as Marmite (here) or Vegemite (there) does. Thanks for finding the link.


  2. At least you have stopped (temporarily) my obsessing over Vence. Here is a link to a blog, where the bloke describes his experience with Branca Menta. I don’t know, I’m usually up for a challenge! If my contract depends on it, let’s chug-a-lug that Branca!


  3. Andrew

    I have yet to find anyone other than me willing to have a second Branca Menta. It’s very bitter. I like it last thing at night on Campo S. Margarita at the Margaret Duchamp bar. Can’t wait!


  4. Andrew, I had to look up your Branca Menta .. it sounds good! I’ll give that a try when I’m in Venice. I’m suffering information overload with that Secret Venice book, but I can’t recall reading that bit. Domani!

    86 days will fly by. Ciao.


  5. Andrew

    86 days Yvonne. Have you got the book Secret Venice by Thomas Jonglez and Paola Zoffoli? The hedgehog ref was in there. Great book for those interested in Venice’s weird side.


  6. Hi, Andrew and Bert, and thank you for the information. It’s absolutely perfect having you encyclopedias on hand! That cloister was a lovely find.

    Andrew, how many days now? Have you got my contract ready yet?


  7. Bert

    Yep, I think that’s a hedgehog. The symbol of the Rizzo (or Erizzo) family, as rizzo is Venetian for hedgehog (although that’s not what an online dictionary says) (riccio in Italian).
    You also got the grave of the chief of the ship-caulkers union.


  8. Andrew

    It is a hedgehog, Yvonne. It’s the symbol of the Erizzo family. Riccio (Italian for hedgehog) is supposed to sound like Erizzo.


  9. Barb

    That cloister was such a lovely “new” discovery for me. Thank you for another Venice memory! That homesickness is contagious…..and it happens quite frequently. I had a bad case this past week-end . A temporary cure is a Spritz but they don’t taste the same without a view of a campo or canal!


  10. Isn’t that true. Everywhere you look in those ancient cities, there are “casual” examples of anonymous artists. Sniff .. now I’ve made myself homesick!


  11. djones47

    Will anything built now look as beautiful hundreds of years from now? Will it even last that long?


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