Grand Hotel, Atherton

Like many towns in Australia, Atherton has its fair share of pubs/hotels. One that I often walk past, on the Main Street, is the Grand Hotel. I haven’t been able to find anything about its history, at this stage.

Not so long ago, a few murals appeared on the walls of this pub. They portray some of the images of the past timber industry in this area. I like the monochrome effect the artist employed.

I’m  happy to report that there has been no graffiti applied to the murals. In fact, there is very little graffiti anywhere in Atherton.



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8 responses to “Grand Hotel, Atherton

  1. Yvonne – thanks for your comment on my Eagan Daily Photo blog and for following my blog! Fun to discover your travel adventure rich blog! Great!
    Kind regards from Minnesota, USA


    • ‘way back in 1957 (last century!), my husband and I had our honeymoon in Minneapolis! How romantic is that? 🙂 We lived in Manitoba, so it was our version of a southern destination. Too bad we didn’t have blogs in those days.


  2. Michelle

    I do think you are indeed searching for these “small correlations”. Anything to remind you of Venice!


  3. You don’t think I’m searching for these small correlations, do you? I’ve been looking for ‘reflections’ here, also. 🙂


  4. Hmm…remarkable resemblance to the “graffiti” art you recorded in Venice. Let’s see, Yvonne in Venice…Yvonee in Atherton. I know, do not confuse correlation with causality!


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