Still life, with cat

Thank you, Kirk



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15 responses to “Still life, with cat

  1. Oh, Lou, you made me laugh. I had visions of you up on the kitchen workspace, like Fletcher, or the bookshelves, like Weaver. 🙂


  2. Lou

    I am pleased that Kirk’s cat is not the only cat who thinks he looks regal in high places – such as benchtops and dining tables. I’m not sure why they do it… I never sit ON either of these. 🙂


  3. Grazie, Steven. Kirk is a really good photographer!


  4. Steven

    Wow! Really Beautiful!


  5. I’ll be down to see her and her humans next month. Apparently she loves her new surroundings in a town away from the city.


  6. Michelle

    I agree with Barb! Enlarge it and put it on display.
    I also noticed how Kirk’s reflection is nearly blocked by the flower in the picture. Good job, Kirk.
    She is indeed so pretty. Pet her for me when you see her next.


  7. Barb

    I believe the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree”. Artistic skills, photography skills…
    yep, I believe Kirk definitely takes after his mom.

    I think this beautiful photo could be enlarged, framed, and put on display.


  8. This was from Brian:

    This is fantastic. I wish I wasn’t allergic, but maybe I can cat-sit for someone for a few minutes?


  9. My son has an artistic eye. How’s the weather down there? Brass monkey stuff up here!


  10. Puschka is very pretty, indeed! And everything matches beautifully.


  11. Quelle belle composition, un vrai tableau ; buona giornata, a presto !


  12. Well, Puschka was sitting very quietly. She’s so pretty.


  13. djones47

    What a beautiful composition. The colors are amazing. Can we call this a “still life” when there is a cat in it?


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