Meanwhile, back in Castello

Walking through the eastern sestiere (district) of Castello, I found this lovely shrine, built right into the side of a house. It was beautifully presented, with fresh flowers, lace curtains, and sturdy doors to keep it safe at night.

(18 June: I just found out that Annie [Churches in Venice blog] had done an excellent post with photos, about this very shrine. Here is the link to that part of the blog, just scroll down to Corte de Ca’ Sarasina Shrine. Thank you, Annie, for permission to use your link. )

Is the Madonna giving her approval to the fresh laundry in her line of vision?



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8 responses to “Meanwhile, back in Castello

  1. Hi again Yvonne, I just remembered that I did a second post about this shrine: here’s the link:


  2. What a wonderful small church! I love especially the first photo!


  3. Annie (Churches in Venice), has a post on it, in her excellent blog. I’ll check out that Venetian site, also, thanks.


  4. Bert

    If you want to find this capitello, go to Castello 1194, which is in Corte di Ca’ Sarasino.
    Read more about it (in Venetian) here:


  5. Hi Yvonne, I left a comment for you on my blog too….you are welcome to post a link to my blog anytime!

    This is one of the very best shrines in Venice….I absolutely love it. Glad you found it too!


    • Thank you, Annie. It really takes first prize, doesn’t it? I’ll be back to see it again when I’m next in Venice. I’ll go put the link on my post right no.


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