Another mystery photo

Somebody is sure to recognise this piece of art. I must admit to doing a double-take when I first saw it.

Hint: it is not in Venice.

Lady of mystery



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5 responses to “Another mystery photo

  1. Bert

    I hope Kathleen will see the lady in Siena. Sienna is a different lady, who has done the occasional nude scene, where it was essential to the story, of course.


  2. Aw, you stole Bert’s thunder! 🙂 Yes, she’s the one. Send a photo when you find her.


  3. Kathleen

    I’m hoping to see her in Sienna – is this the same lady? I don’t know her name?


  4. Settle down, Bertie!! Let’s see if anyone else has done their homework.

    (Isn’t she a beauty?)


  5. Bert

    I know where it is! I know! Please, Miss, me, me, me!
    (Waves hand frantically in the air.)


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