A land of contrasts

As you know, Australia is a large country, somewhat like Canada or the USA. And, as in those two countries, you’ll find many differences here as you go from east to west, or north to south.

I live in northern Queensland, at around  17.25 degrees south of the equator. My son and his wife live in Victoria, at about  36.33 degrees Latitude, in the foothills of the Australian Alps.

At this time of year, that makes quite a difference, as was brought home to me when I looked at a couple of photos my son sent me today.


Frost bitten

Then, I looked at my weather, and here are a couple of shots to show you the contrast.

Sunshine and blossoms

Game, set and match

I’m sure you could provide examples of similar contrasts from your country, wherever that happens to be.

I’m going down to visit them next month. I’m looking forward to  brisk walks, cross country skiing and a rosy nose and cheeks.



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12 responses to “A land of contrasts

  1. MaryK

    On your little sojourn to the chilly south are you stopping in Melbourne at all? Happy to offer you a bed/meal/coffee (depending on how long you’re in town for!) – or whatever!


  2. I love contrasts because they give better general view. Two first photos are my favorites.


  3. Michelle, I used to like the smell of the clothes that froze on the line.

    I’ll bet Kay is using her warm coat these days, Darlene. Another sunny day in downtown Atherton. 🙂


  4. djones47

    Now I really believe that Kay can use that wool coat I gave her. And send us some of your sun, please. It’s been chilly here.


  5. Michelle

    I think I prefer my “June Gloom” to the icy road.
    I remember frozen socks on the line from earlier eras of my life.
    What a difference a few degrees in lattitude can make!


  6. Crumbs, that looks like risky driving conditions, aside from being cool.


  7. Kathleen


    This place isn’t too far from where I am.

    And yes, it is supposed to be summer…



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