Santa Croce, Florence

When in Florence, one site not to miss is the Chiesa Santa Croce. This church was severely affected by the 1966 flood.

While there, after admiring the interior of the church, visit the Museum of the Opera di la Santa Croce, the former refectory. Here, among other works, stop to admire the Cimabue crucifix. The restoration labour of love has given us the opportunity to see this work of art as it must have looked all those centuries ago.



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5 responses to “Santa Croce, Florence

  1. Your mom, Kirk and I saw the Chapel in 1977, before restoration. There were hardly any people in there. Far cry from 2008, when I saw the glowing colours, but was crushed in like a sardine, and could barely see the floor


  2. djones47

    The crucifix is beautiful. I saw the Sistine chapel after it had been cleaned – the colors were amazing.


  3. I checked photos and info about this beautiful church. Lovely old historic church indeed.

    We have different churches here in the North:

    Happy blogging!


    • Thank you so much for the link to that magnificent church. It is so beautiful. Do they use the wood burning stoves in the winter? And, what is the story behind the sled on runners, in one of the photos?


      • No, because it is too huge to warm it during winter and nowadays warming is expensive. The church is open for public only during summer. That sled was in the entry of the bell tower. Maybe it was leant from local museum.

        Thank You asking.


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