Drinking water: Campo Santa Margherita

I wonder who decided to carve this little beauty onto the front of the fountain, and when it was done?



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6 responses to “Drinking water: Campo Santa Margherita

  1. Kathleen

    I must walk around with my eyes closed because I’ve never seen this before, all the times I’ve walked past her. I must say hello on my one day (and night) visit in August! (August, I know….)


  2. Michelle

    Yvonne, you need to have your own “secret Venice” book!


  3. Any reason for a spritz, right! I walked past it quite a number of times before I focused on the detail. Then, I went for a spritz to celebrate.

    (How many days now?)


  4. Barb

    I am continually amazed at your wonderful eye for details. We’ve walked by this fountaim hundreds of times and have never noticed the engraving.
    You can be sure I’ll be there in September taking a photo. Of course, that will be right after I have a Spritz!


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