Made in Venice

I am not an enthusiastic shopper, but I did make a couple of purchases in Venice that I really like and use a lot.

They were both made by inmates of one of the jails in Venice. The quality is good, the price very reasonable. I salute this initiative.

One of the shops where I made these buys is located at Calle Zancani, 2433 Cannaregio, and the other is just opposite the entry to the Scuola dei Carmini, Dorsoduro. There is another outlet in Castello,  on Salizzada San Antonin, 3478.

Here’s what I bought:

A very handy shopping bag. Malefatte means "misdeeds"

That means "Black sheep"

I can recommend these shops, either for a purchase for yourself, or a great gift to take to someone at home.



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12 responses to “Made in Venice

  1. Aha! So, it was Lee who nudged you toward that uneven pavement??? 🙂


  2. Barb

    Those shops are now on the top of my “to do” list for the September trip.
    Somehow, I never got back after you and I were there in April. The cast on my right hand saved Lee some Euros that last week. I couldn’t get my hand into my purse!


  3. That may be the misdeed that brought them there in the first place, Brian. 🙂


  4. The ones in Cannaregio and Dorsoduro have many, many good ideas for gifts, Michelle. And, they won’t break the bank. 🙂


  5. Michelle

    I’ll put those addresses in my notebook for my next visit. It will make great gifts to bring back.


  6. Prego! The other 2 shops have different goods, and not quite as expensive as the one in Castello.


  7. Je ne connaissais que le magasin de Castello ; grazie, buona giornata, a presto !


  8. Well, they had a black t-shirt I really loved, but not in my size. That’s really why I have to go back again!


  9. Alida

    They are great! Not black, but still great.


  10. I guess you mean on the shopping bag. Malefatte means “misdeeds”. Lavoro in carcere means “work in prison’. (or jail, as seen on the bag.) I’ll put the misdeeds translation on the post .. thanks!


  11. djones47



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