Bird of prey

When I first spotted this handsome raptor, he was balancing on the power line leading to my house, with a small bird in his talons.

By the time I ran to get my camera, he was just ready to fly away.

Does anyone know his species?



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4 responses to “Bird of prey

  1. Those PhD (Push here Dummy) cameras can surprise us with the results. They’re a far cry from the Kodak Brownies.


  2. Michelle

    So gorgeous!
    Several years ago I was watching a bird coming towards my window. As you know with the expansive view I get lots of bird sightings….crows, gulls etc. But this one was different and as it got closer I realized it was a bald eagle! It sailed right past my window. I was so in awe that I didn’t even think of grabbing a camera…although mine now lives here on the table.
    Sorry, I can’t help with the identification.
    Great shot, Yvonne!


  3. Thank you, Fausto, I was so lucky, wasn’t I?


  4. That’s a beautiful photo!


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