Strange sighting in Campo Santa Margherita

It’s one of those self-propelled Skegways. It would be wonderful for the fellow riding it; he probably has some mobility problem. But, they’re heavy. What did his companions do when they came to a bridge? I wish I had left my spritz and followed them. Nah, the spritz was too good to leave.



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10 responses to “Strange sighting in Campo Santa Margherita

  1. I saw these folks later on Fondamenta dei Soccorso. They could have gone all the way down that, then onto Fondamenta di San Sebastiano before they encountered a bridge. But, imagine being in Venice and not being able to prowl around all the interesting places.


  2. Steven

    That is an amazing pic. How did he deal with the bridges? Campo Santa Margherita is large: perhaps he just rolled around that area?

    Bike regulations only apply to adults on bikes, as I understand it, though I suspect no one would be too happy to see a kid on a bike or scooter in a calle. However, I’ve only ever seen them in campi and campielli.


  3. Karen

    Clearly this guy didn’t know about the laws – and fines- that prohibit riding things with wheels in Venice! I, for one, am not in favor of changing that aspect of life here.


  4. Annie, I think your unicycle tops the Skegway!


  5. I once saw a man in Castello riding a unicycle; this is just as strange!


  6. It beats me how you’d maintain balance on that thing. If you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, stay away!


  7. Darlene Jones

    I freind of mine was riding one on a tour of Prague, got thrown off and is still suffering from the injuries a year later. I think I’d stay away from them.


  8. Next time, Michelle, for sure! (Well, maybe.)

    And, the mothers often have to lug everything up a few flights of stairs, to boot. No wonder they all look pretty slim.


  9. Michelle

    And I had great admiration for the ladies with prams! I can’t imagine lugging that over a bridge. Too bad you couldn’t have carried your spritz with you and followed.


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