Yesterday’s post left me feeling uneasy, so I thought I would show you a nicer side of life in the tropics.

I don’t know what this shrub is, but it has lovely blossoms. And, what is it doing, being so prolific at this autumnal time of year?


This wee insect was enjoying a feast

The ground was littered with blossoms



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8 responses to “Antidote

  1. I think you’ve got it, Melissa. That looks exactly like the plant and blossoms. Well done!


  2. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne,

    Looks like it could be the “Fried Egg’ Plant, the lady next door has one.


  3. And here I thought it was a specialised Scottish seamstress, who makes skirts for blokes! 🙂

    I’m going to try to work ‘kilter’into a sentence today, for example, “My, that dog is in kilter” Do you think I’ll get some blank looks?


  4. Bert

    ‘Kilter’ – there’s a funny word. [Origin unknown, according to my Chambers Dictionary.] Apparently, in the US it means ‘good condition’. But I’ve never heard it used except in the expression ‘out of kilter’.


  5. The weather has been quite warm, so maybe these shrubs have their growth hormones all out of kilter.


  6. Michelle

    Now these truly are lovely. Maybe they were “blown” in by Yasi???
    Really, not there last year?
    Mother Nature being kind to you.


  7. The tropics always seem to spring a surprise. I swear I’ve never seen these blossoms before, and now they’re everywhere, on oldish looking shrubs. I’m very happy you’ve “returned” to Venice, thank you.


  8. Very pretty! I’m not sure, either, but I’d be happy if some of them sprung up in my yard.


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