Overcoming fears

I admit to having some admiration for, but no love of, spiders.

So, I had to overcome a small degree of trepidation to get near enough to this specimen, to be able to show you my latest wildlife visitor.

She has built her large web at the edge of my deck. I’m so glad she didn’t decide to make her hunting ground within my deck area.

She’s a Golden Orb spider, one of the largest species of spiders in Australia. In certain light, for instance when the morning sun catches it just so, the web does look golden. There are about 5 or 6 juveniles wandering around the web, and I’ve also seen the male. (He’s a runt, you’d never think they were of the same species.) So, it seems I might have to share my territory with these critters for some time into the future.

If you want to know more about them, an online search for Golden Orb spiders, or Nephila plumipes will prove interesting.

Oh, mamma!

Shiver …..



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10 responses to “Overcoming fears

  1. So, are you saying I should move to Comox????


  2. Darlene Jones

    OMG huge! Like the insects in Mexico. One thing the cold climate is good for – stunted insects.


  3. Good morning everyone. I don’t believe they are venomous, but I shan’t test that theory! This country sure has got some”interesting” critters, on the land, in the sea and in the air!


  4. Yvonne, that spider looks huge!! How big is it?


  5. Michelle

    Awwww! She’s so pretty. I have a spider on my deck every year. Okay, probably not the same spider…but I name her Charlotte and talk to her when I’m out watering my plants. She is tiny…maybe 1/8 inch and as long as she stays outside and not in my way she stays unmolested by me. Sometimes I have to take a broom handle and move her web. She seems to understand.
    Not sure I would be so nice if she were bigger or I found her in my bathtub!
    Remember that golden creature(that multi-legged insect) in Kathleen’s room in my apartment in Venice last year?? Glad it was in her room and not mine and I kept an eagle eye out the rest of my visit. Now I wish we had taken a picture of it to find out what it was.


  6. Gracious! Must have starred in the old horror movie Arachnophobia! I certainly hope these aren’t venemous, but a bite would still be nasty, I think. The world needs spiders to control insects, but I don’t.


  7. Barb

    Ewwwwww!!! Yvonne, that spider makes my groundhog, fox, deer, and other assorted furry critters I see around my yard seem quite tame and welcomed!


  8. Goodness, that’s impressive!!


  9. 🙂 I could bring her with me in November, if you’d like to see her, Fausto. (I don’t even like to look at the photos!)


  10. I am happy to know that your neighbor does not live in Venice!


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