It’s that time of the year …

when cold feet turn their thoughts to UGG boots.

Good old Uggies


A new brand on the block: Emu


That sheepskin looks so cuddly



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10 responses to “It’s that time of the year …

  1. Hi, Irina! Well, what do you know .. I thought you ladies from the Veneto were more style conscious. They’d be lovely and warm during your winter .. maybe you’ll see me wearing them this time?


    • Irina

      Sarei felice passeggiare nella nebbia insieme a te per le calli di Venezia… due donne, quattro UGG boots e due spritz!


  2. Irina

    I’m afraid I can’t agree with you, Yvonne.
    Girls wear them from November to March here in Veneto, and love them!
    (I like the EMU boots because they cost much less ;-))


  3. I can’t comment, as I live in their country of origin!


  4. Darlene Jones

    They may be cuddlie, but they are uglie!!


  5. Don’t be afraid to say what you really think, Michelle!! I refrained from saying what I really think about them, you might note. 🙂

    Heck no, if anyone wore them in Venice, they wouldn’t be Venetians.


  6. Michelle

    One of my clients about a week ago was wearing a pair…or maybe the fake version…we decided they are called Uggs because they are “uglie!” Sorry darlings but I really, really don’t like them….even if they came in my size and I could afford them.
    Yvonne, were the girls in Venice wearing them??


  7. I knew at least one person in the world would appreciate this must-have fashion accessory! 🙂


  8. Alida



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