More graffiti

At a vaporetto stop. What can it mean?



So, what is in?


Bad hair days happen





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5 responses to “More graffiti

  1. Steven

    Perhaps staggering through the streets of Venice? For a guy who liked to drink as much as he did Venice with all its fondamente would be a pretty perilous place for him to visit, but I wonder if he ever did. He liked to gamble, too, and so the casino might have drawn him. Don’t know if he was ever part of a Biennale…


  2. Hi, Steven

    There are always new mysteries in Venice, it seems. Hmm, you don’t think the ghost of Francis Bacon is alive and wandering in Venice?


  3. Steven

    I’m not even sure if I can tell whether the top image on the vaporetto stop goes with the “tag” beneath, so I can’t pretend to be of much help. Would the same artist use two different colored pens?

    Or as the creature drawn in red seems to be, uh, eliminating upon the tag in black beneath should we take this as expressing a definite opinion of the merits–artistic or otherwise–of whomever left behind “END REZ”?

    In any case, that creature looks like it could have come out one of those Northern European paintings of the Apocalypse hanging in the Palazzo Ducale–or from a work of Francis Bacon.

    More generally, what a great series of pics!


  4. What do you make of that first one?? I’m not good at interpretation, the meaning has to be crystal clear.


  5. djones47

    That’s not graffiti – that’s art (most of it).


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