Transformation 2

I have a large deck down one side of my house. I put up some clear plastic blinds at each end, to protect the deck (and me) from wind and rain. Oh, I didn’t put them up personally, my son did the hard work.

The blinds do cop a lot of rain, mould  and also dust, with the result that they had become quite opaque and unsightly.

Not a pretty sight

I tried, in vain, to clean them myself. Then, I remembered my hero, Mark, and his  band of friends. The following link will refresh your memory about these young folks.

So, I put in a call to Liz and Andrew, and in quick smart time, they had transformed those blinds back to a near-new condition. The difference is amazing.

A great team, hard at work

There really is a blind there

Wow! I can see through them again

Thank you, Liz and Andrew. You’ve become sub-heroes, just behind Mark.



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6 responses to “Transformation 2

  1. You would be in gardening heaven here, Lynda, and it goes on for most of the year.


  2. lynda

    What a beautiful view from your deck! Love all your flowering shrubs, and plants.


  3. They sure did, Darlene. Now, I’m torn between leaving them down to keep the rain off the deck, and rolling them up so they’ll stay so pristine. What to do? Life is full of tough choices. 🙂


  4. djones47

    They did an awesome job!


  5. They did such a good job. And, such a nice young couple. “James” is a great franchise, and doing well up here. The fellow started off car detailing in Brisbane, and the business grew like Topsy.


  6. Michelle

    Would they consider a trip to Seattle?? About this time next year?? My deck could sure use them. No blinds but getting the moss off the deck is taking a superhuman (at least for me) effort.


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