I wish I had been there when the car owner came back to try to get out.

Or, maybe he/she is extremely good at parallel parking.



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12 responses to “Squeezie

  1. Steven

    Or that the driver didn’t turn out to be in a bad mood…


  2. I do hope the motorbike riders got back first, Steven.


  3. Steven

    Well, at least it is possible, if not very pleasant, to move a Vespa… On street-cleaning days in NYC one is likely to find oneself boxed in by a car in front, car in back, then a long line of vehicles double-parked along your car’s driver-side flank. I have a feeling though that if the driver in your pic were in a really bad mood s/he might just back up and play that old game kids play with dominoes…


  4. Buongiorno, Maité. What would you do! A presto.


  5. Et comment on en sort!!!!!A presto !


  6. I agree with Brian!!


  7. If I come back and find my Vespa hemmed in by dumpsters, I’ll know who to look for, Brian!


  8. Or, maybe you just get 4 muscular friends, one to each corner of the car, and lift it out?


    • Brian

      I’d be moving Vespas. Then pulling out the car. Then seeing if there was anyway I could move a city garbage dumpster where the car was. Then another right next to the Vespas. You get the idea.


  9. Speaking of Vespas, I still haven’t sold mine! Maybe I will be using it around Atherton, after all.


  10. Michelle

    Ah, my greatest fear…a great parking place then getting boxed in.
    I would be moving some Vespas…without the owners permission.


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