Somebody did help me!

I had asked about the mystery symbol in San Michele, on the Slow Travel Italy forum, and got the answer.

* It is the symbol of the Confraternita della Misericordia, which is a volunteer group that still nowadays helps out people in need.
Think about ambulances, most have the same symbol on it.
It means that the man (or woman) buried there was part of the volunteer group of the Misericordia

* The first letter is an F and has a minuscule R attached to it, then the M.
The two “Omegas” should symbolize the Bishops’ hats so it would mean that the fraternity was started by the bishop in the name of Christ – the long cross in the middle, less romantic but true.
* AFAIK, it’s just a symbol of an Arciconfraternita della Misericordia.
You can find other similar symbols in other cemeteries, like Soffiano, near Florence:…e_-_Escutcheon_I.jpg
See also:…Firenze/138428863871…ericordia-fucecchio/


I love the internet!

PS  I just realised where I had seen that symbol before. On 7 April, I had attended an Ecumenical service at Chiesa di S. Giacometto di Rialto, and many of the men and women in the congregation were wearing cloaks with that insignia.



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5 responses to “Somebody did help me!

  1. Interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Another wee mystery solved, thanks to Slow Travel!


  3. Michelle Vaden

    I’m sure I’ve seen that while in Venice…maybe on an ambulance as it was going by…or somewhere. I don’t think I saw it on people but lovely that you did.


  4. What a touching “identification” to place on the marker.


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