Vera da pozzo (Well head)

If you have a lazy 4000 euro, this lovely specimen can be yours. I didn’t ask about delivery charges.

You can see this, and so many other fine decorating ideas at the Laboratorio Marmi Artistici, Cannaregio 2292/E

I really think that Johnnny should have a look at this place, when redecorating his wee palazzo.

If you want to visit this showplace, just ring the bell, and you’ll be allowed to enter. The owner has been told he must find an alternative venue for his workshop/display centre. He has been given until the end of November, 2012 (as I understood it), to find a place and move everything. So, another precious piece of Venice may be lost.


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14 responses to “Vera da pozzo (Well head)

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  2. Great article about Euro 2012, it will be great events, while preparations for the event do not go well.


  3. I’ve admired that place several times. How sad that he is having to move. I hope he’s able to find another location.


    • Can you imagine the difficulties he faces, moving all that stuff and his work equipment? It’s not like he can back a few big trucks up to the yard.


  4. That pozzo repro has “Atherton” written all over it! You could convert it to a hot tub, and the contrast with Piet Mondiran would be a great conversation starter. Go for it!


  5. djones47

    I love the table. So sad that he has to move. Progress doesn’t always seem like progress, does it?


  6. Andrew

    I’d love a lion for the garden.


  7. Oh what beautiful work….It’s so sad to see things like this disappear.


  8. Michelle

    That table would look lovely on my deck but would probably exceed the weight limit (not to mention size) of our lift!
    Hmm, wonder what Brown (UPS) would charge for Canareggio to Atherton for that Pozzo??? They run a lovely ad on TV here about their world wide service…at least four or five shots are in Venice.


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