This and that

Spotted on the Lista Spagna. Barb said "No male identity crisis there!" And, what in world was he doing with a racing bike in Venice?

The One Man Band. I hadn't seen him for a couple of years.

Not all hydrants are red!

Look who is on the cover of the latest Donna Leon novel. Go to San Michele to find her.



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14 responses to “This and that

  1. The cover of the latest Donna Leon novel ?

    Je découvre avec impatience votre blog …


  2. Ciao, just found your bl0g and quickly scrolled a few posts and plan to go back and do them justice. Love the photos–they serve as a prologue to our time there in June.


    • Hi, Jane, and welcome. How long will you be able to spend in Venice? There are wonders around every corner in that city.

      I just followed the link to your blog, and realise I had followed your travels with Casey awhile back. Small world!


  3. I’ve never thought of using a funnel that way… oh, the things I learn from you!


    • Hello, Little Miss Artist of the Century! Have you stopped the “comments” function on your blog?

      There are many uses for a funnel, let me count the ways. That fellow is about 5 foot nothing, maybe he uses the funnel to add height?


  4. djones47

    That’s your “young lady” on the cover of the book, right?
    Do you suppose the one man band makes a good buck?


    • Hi, Darnit. Yes, isn’t she gorgeous? The one man band makes very cheery music; there was a reasonable amount of money in his cup when I put in my donation. There is also at least one man who plays classical music on wine glasses .. I didn’t see him this time.


  5. Great juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated sightings! Things are not always what they seem, it seems!


  6. Michelle

    I have read several and now have my friend Connie hooked on the audio versions. I told her they are even better once you have been to Venice.
    And….Lili got me the Brunetti cook book (with commentary by Donna Leon) for Mother’s Day. It’s on the way from Barnes and Noble. She had to wait for a 20% off coupon. She’s such a good cat…she gets me a present every year.
    I’m just wondering exactly where that person was riding that bike.


    • Hi, Michelle. That fellow brought Barb and me to a screeching stop with his figure revealing outfit AND a bike, to boot. Maybe he’d been out riding on the mainland, came back to Venice on the train and lives near the station? Lovely mystery.


  7. I like her books. Have you read any of them?


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