Oh, Canada

A year ago, I was in Canada, visiting  my nice family members. (Which means all of them!) My brother and I had just been to see our lovely, crazy cousins in southern Manitoba, and were planning a road trip to the west coast. (Sort of Thelma and Louis.)

Our first stop was in the town that was near the farm where we both grew up. Henry had also lived with the rest of the family (before my appearance), at another farm. It took some doing, but we located that old farmyard. This was quite an emotional occasion for my brother. (Rather like my arrival, I guess, which bumped him out of the ‘baby of the family’ spot!)

As we drove around the area, we saw some evidence that spring was, indeed, making a comeback.

The ice on the slough has melted

Pussy willow blossoms .. I hadn't seen them for so long

Wild berry blossoms. They had such a fragrant aroma



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4 responses to “Oh, Canada

  1. lynda

    Until this year I don’t think I ‘ve seen pussy willows since I was really young – we used to cut them down and bring them home each spring to put in one of Mom’s vases. Love the photo of the blue blue water too – with last years bull rushes framing the photo.


    • Hi, Lynda. They surely are one of the welcome harbingers of spring. Henry and I saw some Canada geese too, but I didn’t get any good photos of them.


  2. Hasn’t that time melted away? It’s nice and cool in Atherton, hope this bodes well for a real winter 🙂


  3. Michelle

    And a year ago at this time you were headed to Seattle to visit me!!!!
    The weather isn’t nearly so nice as it was last year.


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